Initial Oral Examination

Welcome to your initial oral examination. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed and checked in. Your first meeting will be with our Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH), who will begin your initial checkup.

Remember, you are a part of your dental care team. Please be prepared with any questions you may have and complete any necessary pre-appointment paperwork online or bring a copy with you.

In our state-of-the-art office, our hygienist will ask you about any significant changes that you may have noticed since your last visit to a dentist. This is the time to ask any questions you may have, point out any painful areas, and voice any concerns. If you are due for any screening x-rays to monitor for changes, they will be taken at this time.

Dr. Schmidt will examine the teeth thoroughly, checking the areas where the teeth meet the gums, the inside and outside of the teeth and all tooth surfaces for signs of decay. Gums are inspected for signs of gingivitis or irregularities, the tongue is examined and the entire mouth is visually inspected for any infection, irritation, irregularities or indications of current or developing issues. At this time, Dr. Schmidt will examine the way your teeth come together, as well as address any questions, issues or concerns for any irregularities or indications of developing problems. He will check your x-rays and reexamine the areas that are causing concern.

If any treatments are recommended, we can assist you in understanding what treatment choices are available to you. At times, there are differences in cost or results with certain treatments. All dental insurances are different. Once you have all of the necessary information, including your diagnosis and options, it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to discuss your individual coverage. We cannot predict your cost because coverage changes from company to company and plan to plan. It is best to contact your insurance company in advance so that you are prepared for any costs associated with the prescribed treatment.

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Quote Marks

“Dr. Schmidt and staff are friendly yet professional. They are gentle and compassionate. My latest procedure was a crown. Dr Schmidt’s talent and eye for detail reflects into his work. My crowned tooth was matched to perfection.” – Carolyn F.